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La Academia de Español proposes a flexible program that can adapt to all the needs and interests of the public.

                       COURSE MATERIAL

Academes works with an Educational Material approved and suggested by the Institute of Cervantes in Spain.

Our books guarantee a precise and enjoyable learning process.

We make use of the following material:

-    Exercise books: to ensure the active participation of our students as well as to enable the students to practice and to review the learnt material.

-    Student’s books: The students learn in a progressive and effective manner with study material recommended by the Cervantes Institute in Spain and following international guidelines


Based on the method for teaching Spanish suggested by the Cervantes Institute in Spain we have adopted a Spanish course that will constitute an enjoyable experience with both short and long term goals.

The biggest reward for our students will be noticing their progress and seeing how many new doors Spanish will open for their careers and private lives.

To illustrate this learning process we would like to present the following pyramid, with the recommended working hours for each level:



Level A1: The student can interact in a simple manner with other Spanish speaking people by using everyday expressions, basic questions, greetings and very basic phrases provided that the other person talks slowly and clearly.



Level A2: The student starts to gain confidence to speak in a social environment in a basic manner. The student can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate application. The student is able to exchange basic information and to describe in simple terms aspects of his background, daily life, and his or her environment.




Level B1: The student can understand the main ideas of debates and social discussions. The student can briefly give his or her opinion and ask others about their views on a specific topic.  The student can deal with a variety of situations, write simple texts, answer questions in detail and describe experiences as well as events.



Level B2: The student is able to interact with a degree of fluency and efficacy with native Spanish speakers. He or she can prepare arguments and discussions. The student can understand the main ideas of a complex text. 




Level C1: The student can express himself fluently without obvious preparation and can use language flexibly and spontaneously. He can establish clear, well-structured and detailed conversations. The student can understand a wide range of large and complex texts. The student can write about complex topics in letters, essays or other advanced texts.




Level C2: The student has an excellent command of Spanish. He can understand with ease practically all heard or written information. The student can communicate information containing complex elements precisely, naturally, spontaneously, with confidence and very fluently.


(The amount of hours provided above is the suggested time for a full time course but it may change from person to person depending on their background, age and motivation)







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